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ROSA FAIZZAD embodies elegance with a focus on luxury, design, and quality.

Discover our selection of classic Ready-to-Wear pieces and bespoke couture gowns, crafted for tailored for discerning tastes.

Cape Collection

No wardrobe is truly complete without the elegance of a cape!

If you haven’t experienced its allure yet, you’re missing out. These timeless cape styles exude class, adding a touch of fun, and effortlessly elevate you to a regal status, making you feel like royalty.

Corporate Collection

With the right attire, you can conquer any pursuit in life!

Elevate your confidence, exude femininity, and radiate sharpness with these sophisticated styles. Gone are the days when it was solely a man’s world - now it’s your time to shine.


Explore our bestsellers, that are cherished by countless remarkable women across the globe, making them the most sought-after styles in our collection.


Our commitment is to offer outstanding client care and service, ensuring a secure, seamless, and delightful shopping experience.


Immerse yourself in a lavish unboxing experience through our exclusive signature packaging, transforming every order into an exclusive, luxurious and personalised experience.


We currently offer Worldwide shipping to most countries in Scandinavia, Europe & internationally*. 


We take great pride in ensuring that our customers' satisfaction remains our utmost priority.
Our unwavering commitment is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with every single interaction.

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Redefining Timeless Elegance

ROSA FAIZZAD transcends being merely a brand; it embodies the essence of elegance and femininity. 

Indulge in the world of ROSA FAIZZAD, where feminine style meets understated elegance. Our brand is dedicated to creating limited-edition styles and couture pieces that redefine luxury in the realm of fashion.

At ROSA FAIZZAD, we specialize in exclusive designs that exude timeless elegance, from red carpet couture gowns to exclusive professional wear.

Our styles bear witness to the meticulous artistry and craftsmanship invested in every garment.

Celebrating the beauty of individuality, each piece, whether it's a cocktail dress or evening gown, is designed to reflect your unique style, personality and charisma.

Whether you're preparing for a gala evening, stepping out as a wedding guest, or shining as a bride on your special day, our couture pieces will make you feel like royalty.

Elegance and sophistication are the pillars of our designs, catering to all women alike.

Our designs fuse contemporary aesthetics with classic charm. Whether you're attending a high-profile event, commanding the boardroom, or making a statement in your corporate world, our styles are your go-to choice for an elegant, classic and timeless style.

Our exclusive designs and limited edition styles ensure that you stand out at every occasion, radiating elegance and confidence. We understand the allure of high-end cocktail attire, the magic of an impeccable style, and the significance of leaving an indelible impression.

Embark on a journey into the universe of ROSA FAIZZAD and embrace the sophistication and refined elegance that defines our brand.

Make every moment unforgettable with fashion exclusively designed for you.