The Designer


By Amanda Hope

The ambitious Afghan-Danish designer, Rosa Faizzad, has journeyed far since the official launch of her brand in 2020.
Rosa has steadily ascended to establish an internationally renowned, exclusive high-end fashion brand with distinct designs that have resonated with diverse women, from global celebrities to influential top politicians.
Her creations have graced television screens and adorned Red Carpets at many esteemed events such as the Cannes Film Festival, various Awards shows, Royal Ceremonies, and more.
Known for their elegance, femininity, and timelessness, her signature designs are becoming increasingly sought after.
The brand's presence has extended to acclaimed national and international publications including VOGUE, The Chelsea Monthly, The Hollywood Times, The National Post, and others.
Rosa's mission is as unique as it is inspiring: to rekindle elegance while encouraging women to embrace their uniqueness and inherent femininity with pride, dignity, and honor.
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