ROSA FAIZZAD (est. 2020 Denmark) is a contemporary high-end fashion brand focusing on luxury, design and quality. 
Our passion lies in designing exquisite limited edition Ready-To-Wear and unique Couture pieces for fashion-conscious women, who value elegance, classic aesthetics, and timeless style.

We pride ourselves in designing exceptionally rare pieces that uplift women, allowing them to radiate confidence, express their individual style, and narrate their stories through distinct designs.
We envision a world where powerful women can authentically lead, create, and inspire, free from the confines of outdated stereotypes. ✨
We firmly believe that it’s time for women to rise, reclaim their inner power and embrace their individuality and femininity with pride. 
Our exquisite showroom is a haven for power women seeking exclusive styles that speak volumes about their unique essence and aspirations.

Book an appointment today and experience a shopping journey like no other, where elegance meets empowerment and timeless fashion becomes a statement of your individuality.

We look forward to welcoming you✨


Vestergade 8, 

8000 Aarhus C