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Buy less, choose well & make it last

Posted by Rosa Forozan Faizzad on

Have you ever seen an exceptionally well-dressed person and noticed that they tend to have a look about them, where you just know that they’ve paid more for their attire?

Fast fashion retailers often offer fashionable clothing for much less – making buyers accustomed to believe that clothing should come extremely cheap and be disposable. This however comes with severe social, ethical, economic and environmental impacts and consequences, making fast fashion practices extremely difficult to justify.  

Quality clothing, while usually more expensive, are worth the investment.

They not only tend to last longer but will also make you look and feel better about yourself - shopping just feels better when you know that your clothes wasn't made using child labour or under waged workers working under critical working conditions.

With quality clothing, you get what you pay for. You pay more to ensure that your clothes are inherently made better, using better fabrics, materials, better stitching (more stitches per inch to hold better) and designed to last longer.

Often times quality clothing tend to be made in much smaller batches, which means that more precision, time and care is taken to make each piece to ensure a good finished product. Unlike fast fashion - quality clothing take time and our production can take up to 4-7 months from product development to completed mass production.

When investing in clothes that make you feel good, you’ll be more prone to wear it more than once or twice than you would have with a cheaper one. Just like with a pair of expensive shoes or bag, which will save you money in the long run, since you won’t have to go out and buy something new for every occasion.

Good quality fabrics are comfortable, feel good on the skin, look better and last longer. Well-dressed people value and know the importance of good quality fabrics and feeling comfortable.   

Quality items are made to fit well, from the cut of the pattern to the stitching, they are tailored to perfection to not only ensure your comfort but to also make you feel confident in the way your clothes fit you.

When only spending 40-60 dollars on each dress, it’s easy to justify continuous shopping. Ultimately this will quickly add up and you will find yourself with a closet full of clothes that you don’t really love, look good in and probably less likely to wear again.  

When investing in quality clothing, you eventually learn to honor and take better care of your items and let go of unjustifiable disposing habits.

So it’s not really about spending more money on clothing. It's about spending your money wisely and becoming a more conscious buyer, where you only invest in selective items that truly add value to your style and character - leaving you feeling good and confident about yourself. 

Consumers have so much power in terms of changing the world by just being conscious about what they buy. Which is why we encourage our customers to become ethical fashion advocates; who buy less, choose well and make their items last for the sake of ourselves, our planet and humanity.  


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