By Amanda Hope & Michele Nielsen | Photo: Thomas Pagel

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She’s a true mompreneur balancing the role of being a mother of 4 as well as a self-made fashion designer, entrepreneur and business woman.

The young Afghan-Danish designer, Rosa Faizzad, has big ambitions of building an International fashion brand and she is determined to prove that dreams do come true for anyone who is willing to put in the time, work and efforts.

Whilst juggling the start-up of her new fashion brand and being a mother, Rosa is on a very special mission; she believes that it is time for women to take back their power and be their unapologetic self. 

As a hardworking and ambitious woman, Rosa used to work 2-3 jobs to provide for her family. But in the midst of her booming career, where she was headhunted and offered high and well-paid positions, Rosa decided to pass to take some time off to find her true calling.

Despite all the nay-sayers, a little three month old baby and no one to help guide her, she took a leap of faith and decided that it was time for her to pursue her dream career in fashion & start her own brand.

Her background as a former school-teacher, social worker, family consultant, youth advisor and manager, where she has helped hundreds of young people with cultural, physical, mental and social challenges meant that she had absolutely no prior experience in neither fashion nor starting a business. 

However with great determination and a strong willingness to learn, Rosa started from the bottom and worked day and night to learn everything there was to know about fashion design, from garment construction, textiles, trimmings, fittings to size grading and beyond. Impressively, all on her own.

Rosa then travelled across the world, visited nearly two dozen clothing factories before she found a handful skilled manufacturers that met her quality standards. She then produced hundreds of samples which eventually led to the launch of her first Limited Edition Collection in 2020 consisting of none other than 35 different styles.

But nothing good ever comes easy and Rosa had to learn things the hard way by making a lot of mistakes, trusting the wrong people and learning from her countless bumps along the way. She believes that her “I don’t fail, I learn” approach is what has helped her to get where she is today. 

Rosa adds that for her being an entrepreneur means to have the courage to dream insanely big, have fun, be creative, exceed your own expectations and do something that you’re truly passionate about - while bringing a positive change and making lives more convenient and enjoyable. 

Rosa hopes that her story can help inspire women and especially mothers to follow their dreams in spite of their circumstances and no matter how impossible they may seem.

She wants women to have more confidence in themselves, their abilities and not let anyone else define who they are, what or how much they are capable of as women.

As a perfectionist Rosa admits that she sets very high standards for herself and her brand and believes that there’s always room for improvement.

Rosa truly is her brand and all of her values are beautifully reflected in the way she runs her business; from the core values of her brand to the quality of her products and services. 

It’s nothing less than intriguing to follow the exciting journey of this young talented emerging designer.